Laboratory for acoustic testing is the organizational part of the "MONT-R" s that is successfully involved in the measurement of noise in the environment since 2006. From then until now, we performed measurements in Belgrade and throughout Serbia, for the purposes of public enterprises, public institutions, private companies and a number of craft, trade and restaurants.

Laboratory for acoustic testing is accredited according to the requirements of ISO 17025: 2017, with accreditation number: 01-298, issued by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

The main activity of the laboratory testing in the field of environment is:

    Measurement of environmental noise.

Development of informatics and quality systems in the world and continuous work on improving existing technologies are important part of programs of the Laboratory for testing. All this requires sustained trained personnel, equipment and successful cooperation with ministries, research institutions, universities and industry.

With its human resources, equipment and technical means at its disposal, the Laboratory for acoustic tests is able to provide professional services in the field of its activity.