Area of two Workshops is 1600 m2 designed for production of non-standard Equipment
Concerning Power Plants workshop is equipped for prefabrication Boiler Pressure Parts piping bending – Coils for – EKO, Reheaters, Heaters, Super Heaters, Headers, Manifolds, the workshop is equipped with Pipe Rolling Machine and five machines for PWHT.
In the last ten years, thousands of tons have been prefabricated for:
●TENT Block A – 1 Reheater RH-1 Super Heater SH-4, Pipes at the inlet to the Evaporator Header – 2010.
●TENT Block A – 5 & TENT Block B-1 Super Heater SH 2,3 & 5 and Super Heater SH-1 – 2012.
●Sugar Factory – Sunoco Group, Super Heater Tube Coils I & II – 2012.
●TENT Block A – 3 Input & Output Headers of the Economizer & Reheater Ø245/Ø296 Ø=28mm 13CrMo4-5, Ø609,6, δ=22/38/54mm 13CrMo4, 14MoV6 – 2014.
●TENT Block B – 2 Heater 2 Ø33,7×4,0 13CrMo4-5+NT – 2014.
●TPP Kostolac B1&B2 Reheater RH-1 & RH-2 during Capital Overhaul – 2014.
●TENT Block A – 4 Heater 3 Ø32×4 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-4, Heater 2 Ø38×2 10CrMo9-10, Reheater 2, Ø51×4, 13CrMo4-5+NT Entrance & Exit Header of EKO 2, Ø245x25mm/Ø245x28mm; CrMo4-5, 3183kg/3518kg Header of Heater 6, Ø296x36mm/Ø324x46mm; 14MoV6-3, 9480kg/11350kg – 2017.
●TENT Block A – 1 Header of Heaters 4 Ø273x32x3940, 14MoV6-3+NT – 2017.
●TENT-A3 Entrance & Exit Headers of Heaters 6 Ø296x36mm; 9480kg, Ø324x46mm; 11350kg, X10CrMoVNb9-1 (with the Pre-Headers 28 pcs) – 2019.
●TENT-B1 Header 1RA30, DN700 Ø711x90mm, X10CrMoVNb9-1, 20105kg, Steam Pipeline RA line Heater 2 with Hanging Pipes Ø33,7×4,5mm, 10CrMo9-10; 16Mo3, Heater 4 Ø38×4-5,6mm, X10CrMoVNb9-1 & Reheater RH-4 P265GH – 2019.
●TPP ŠOŠTANJ Block 6, Slovenia Lubeco-ECO Ø38×3,6mm P235GH, (9 packages, 98.7t) & Reheater RH-1 Ø44.5×4 X10CrMoVNb91 – 2021.
For Industrial Plants (production of Exchanger, Columns, Vessels) workshops are also equipped with: Cutting Machine – Plasma, Hydraulic Press Brakes and two Machines for Bending of Plate to thickness of δ=25mm, Borverk & Lathes.
Manufacture for Methanol Acetic Plant – MSK Kikinda of ALLOY STEEL in 2020. – 2021. & for Elixir Prahovo in 2022.
TRAYS FOR COLUMNS 22C02, 40D-202 & 40D-203, material AISI 317L, Zr-705, AISI 410S (total 36 Trays).
EXCHANGER of COLUMN LIGHT FRACTION – REBOILER 40E-201, Type: vertical Heat Exchanger with straight Pipes and fixed Pipe Plates outer shell diameter 355.6mm, total height of heat exchanger H=3446mm, Shell A312 TP316L/A240 Gr.316L procedure 141 TIG Tubes material Zr 702 Zirconium OD=19.05mm wall tickness 0.76mm.
FIRST INTERSTAGE OXYGEN COMPRESSOR COOLER 11E17 Ø866×4200 pipe bundle Ø16×1.25mm, material ISI 304L.
REACTOR FOR SYNTHESIS of ACETIC ADIC 40V-101, Replacement of connections, material: Hastel 33 and Zr 702 Zirconium.
Piping 8″ A312 Gr TP316H (219.1×26.97)
REEXTRACTION COLUMN Duplex Stainless Steel (1.4442), (Cr21-23%, Ni 4.5-6.5%, Mo 2.5-3.5%) Ø2100mm, h=25048mm, G=22870kg.
ACTIVATED CARBON – DECOLORATION COLUMN Duplex Stainless Steel (1.4442) Ø3000mm, h=5022mm, Ø=6mm G=4342kg.
Ducting Works, Tanks & Vessels
·RTB Bor – New Smelter & Acid Plant, 2013. – 2014.
·Ducting Works of Carbon Steel (ASTM A-516 Gr.70) δ=10mm, 558.6t & Stainless Steel (ASTM A-240 & 316L Type 304/304H) δ=8mm, 57.3t TENT block B-2 Air Mixture Ducts δ=15mm, Hot Air Ducts & OFA ducts δ=5mm rectangular & circular cross section S235JRG2 – 2014.
·Recirculation Head TPP Svilajnac – 2016.
·Storage Tank HCL 52T03-B; V=60m3 MSK Kikinda, Ducting – KSC Schwedt EEW Germany – 2017.
·Chimney Ø1700x40000m, 17800kg – Cardboard factory Umka.
·Droplet Separator Ø2720x4400mm Ø12mm, S235JR, Elixir Prahovo – 2018.
·TENT B1 Project DeNOx Hot Air Ducts, δ=5mm, 85t & Ducts OFA1&OFA2, Material S235JR, δ=5mm, δ870-1925mm, 150t, 2019. – 2020.

Dubravska 2D

11426 Meljak – Serbia
Phone: +381 11 8340 808