POWER PLANTS – Major Projects at Boiler Pressure Parts in last TEN years / 2010. – 2021. /

MONT-R’s staff is trained for Engineering, Erection, Overhaul and Maintenance works of the largest, strategic important Power Plants, as regards Capital Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts in the European market, local – Serbia and Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Greece and also projects are being carried out in South America and Africa.
Since the company has an annual basis more than 100 000 MH (Man-Hours) of Overhaul Works in the Germany, MONT-R has registered Business Unit in Oberhausen FR of Germany from 2006.

●TPP KOSTOLAC B1 & B2 (2 x 350 MW) Serbia
·Block B1 – Replacement of Superheater SH2 (Weight: 162 t) – 2010.
·Block B1 & B2 – Prefabrication and Erection of Reheater RH1 & RH2, Pipe Dimension: ø60,3×3,6, Material: 13CrMo4-5  – 2014.
·Block B2 – Project of Reducing Nitrogen Oxide (DeNOx) Emissions Behind ESP below <170mg/Nm3 & CO≤ 200mg/Nm3 – 2019.
·Manufacture and Replacement of Air Mixture Ducts, weight: 17.5 t, Hot Air Ducts, weight: 8.5 t and Coal Burners (weight: 60 t) with sliding plates.
·Modification of Screen Wall from +15.5 to 31.15 m weights 100 t (pipes: ø30×5 mm, membrane ≠5×16.5 mm, Material: EN 16Mo3).
·Installation of OFA 1 & OFA 2 Ducts with included valves, compensators and supports, weight: (30+40) t.  
●FLINGERN  Waste Incineration Plant (MVA) in the Flingern – Broich district of Düsseldorf – 2010.
·The combined Heat 100 MW (Thermal) district heating and Power Generation, 55 MW (Electrical, Steam Turbine)
·Overhaul works on Replacement of the Rear Wall & Super Heater.
●TPP NIEDERAUSSEM (RWE) Germany, (Seven Units Total Capacity of 3 400 MW)
·Replacement of Boiler Pressure Parts at Blocks K (1000 MW) E (300 MW) & H (600 MW) – 2010.
·Replacement of Headers at Blocks H & F (600 & 300 MW) – 2014.
·Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts Replacement of Header, Reheater RH-1 & RH-2 including Bandage at Block D (636 MW) – 2014.
●TPP NEURATH Grevenbrоich (RWE) Germany, Block A, B & C (by 312 MW), Block D & E (by 636 MW), Block F & G by 1060 MW
·Overhaul works of Boiler Pressure Parts at Block A & C, Block D & E and Block F 2010.-2012. Block D 2013. Block C & G 2014.
·Block A & B, D and F & G 2016. Block A & D and F & G 2019. Block C & E and F & G 2021.
●TPP ENSDORF (RWE) Germany – Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts spiral heating surfaces at Block R (310 MW) – 2010.
●TENT Block A-1 (210 MW) in Obrenovac – Serbia – Fabrication and Installation of Reheater RH-1 – 2010.
·Manufacture and Replacement Super Heater SH-4 (120 t) & Pipes at the inlet to the Evaporator Header
·Headers of SH-4 (ø273x32x3940 14MoV6-3+NT) & Connecting Steam Line – 2014.
·Replacement of the Super Heater SH-1 & SH-2 2016.

●TENT Block A-4 (308 MW) & A-5 (340 MW) in Obrenovac – Serbia Replacement of Evaporator & Overhaul of Reheater RH-2 – 2011.
·Procurement & Overhaul works of Heating Surfaces, – 2017. Technical details:
Evaporator (55 t, 16MO3), Super Heater SH-3 (140 t, 15Mo3,13CrMo4 4), SH-2 (15 t, 10CrMo9 10), Reheater RH-2 (80 t),
Dissambly – Assembly works on Air Mixture & Hot Air Ducts, including Steel Structures, Burners, Evaporator & Reheater RH-2

●TENT Block A-5 (340 MW) in Obrenovac – Serbia Capital Repair of Boiler Pressure Part Tube System – 2012.
·Replacement of Super Heater SH-5, Weight 114.000 t Tube Dimensions ø32×4,5 mm, Material 13CrMo4 4; 14MoV6 3
Reheater RH-2 with the outlet Header -74 t Tube Dimensions ø51×5 mm, Material 13CrMo4 4; 10CrMo9 10.
●TENT Block A-3 (329 MW) Capital Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part & Reduction Nitrogen Oxides (DeNOx) 2013.-2014.
·Replacement of EKO 1&2 (165+173.5) t ø32×4,5, Material 265 GH (St45.8), Superheater SH-2, 3 & 5 (16+30+116.3) t, 13CrMo4-5
·Reheater RH-1, RH-2 (135+77.5) t Material 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10 & X10, Headers of ECO, MP-2 outlet and both MP-1 Headers Dismantling, Prefabrication and Installation of Air Mixture Ducts, including Steel Structures and Burners (89.8+50.4+67.3) t

●TENT A-3 & A-4 Replacement of Boiler Pressure Part Tube System – 2020.
·Replacement Inlet (2 pcs) & Outlet (2 pcs) Headers of Super Heater SH6 (Ø296 x36 mm) Material X10CrMoVnb9-1
·Replacement of connecting steam pipeline SH5 -SH6 (Ø76.1×12 mm) X20 and RH1 –RH2 (Ø57×6 mm) 14MoV6-3
●JKP BEOGRADSKE ELEKTRANE Serbia, Capital Overhaul at Heating Plant Novi Beograd and Zemun – 2010.
●TPP LIPPENDORF (Vattenfall), near Leipzig, (2×924 MW) – Overhaul Boiler Pressure Parts – Evaporator (250 m2) at Block H – 2011.
·Overhaul works of Evaporator in zone of the funnel at Block S (934 MW)– 2014.
·Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part Block S – 2016.
●TPP LEDVICE (660 MW) Czech Republic – Assembly Works on New Packaging Unit ELE OB02-418 – 2011.
·Erection and Welding works on Connection Tubes between Heating Surfaces and Headers,
Super Heater SH-3 & 4 Material S304/NiCr23, Reheater RH-2 HR3C/NiCr23
●TENT Block B-2 (620 MW) in Usce – Serbia, Replacement of Super Heater SH-3 with hanger tubes – 2011.
·Overhaul and Maintenance of Boiler Pressure Part since 2013. to 2020.
The scope of works on boiler tube system included Replacement of Evaporator tubes from +72.5m until +113m level,
≈Weight of 300t of Evaporator Panels with outlet Collectors and ≈160t of Steel Structure with auxiliary equipment
Replacement of Super Heater SH-1, Reheater RH-2 & 3 with accompanying Hanger Tubes.
●TPP WESTFALEN HAMM (RWE 2 x 800 MW) Overhaul of Steam Pipeline of Low & Medium Pressure – 2012.
·Prefabrication, Disassembly & Installation of Low Pressure Pipelines with steel frame and suspension on Block E – 2013.
●WESSELING Chemiepark (470 MW) – Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part at Boiler 4 – 2013.
●TPP WILHELMSHAVEN Lower Saxony ONYX Power – Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part (747 MW) LOT 1-3 – 2012.
●TPP KLADNO (100 MW) Czech Republic Heat and Electricity production Project No. 01121 – 2012.
· Installation of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler – CFB boiler of 100 MW – Installation and Welding Works at the Boiler Pressure Part.
●Nuclear Power Plant OLKILUOTO – Unit 3 (1600 MW) Pori Finland, OL3 Project for Client DCNS Company – 2013.
·Prefabrication & Installation of Piping Systems and associated equipment including Welding Supervision.
●TPP FRIMMERSDORF RWE Grevenbroich Replacement of Super Heater tubes at Block Q (300 MW) – 2013.
·Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts at Block P & Q (by 300 MW) – 2016.
●TPP HERNE Evonik Steag GmgH (950 MW) Revision and Overhaul works on the Evaporator – 2013.
●KUSILA Power Station (6×800 MW) Witbank area, Mpumalanga province Republic of South Africa since 2013. to 2016.
Mont-r participate at Assembly and Welding works at the Boiler Pressure Part Tube System
●STADTWERKE HKW Overhaul of Super heater at Cogeneration Power Plants Block 1 – 2014.
●PP MUNICH North Heating Plant – Revision and Rehabilitation Boiler 12 – 2013.
·Boiler 11, Unit 1 Revision and Repairs works at Boiler Pressure Parts – 2016.
·North Heating Plant Revision and Rehabilitation of Boiler 11 – 2021.
●EMDEN gas-fired PP (450 MW) Lower Saxony, Overhaul of Piping including Steel Structures and System Modules 321&322.
●TPP HEYDEN (865 MW) near Petershagen, Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts – 2016.
●ATAKA Power Plant, close to Suez Egypt (2 x 300 MW) on natural gas) Capital Rehabilitation of the Boiler Unit 3 & 4 2015.-2016.
·Replacement of Water Walls, between elevation 4.3 m to 21.5 m including Headers, Buckstays, Super Heaters LTS, ITS,
·Replacement of complete pipe connections -Nozzles on the Lower Drum, including PWHT, Overhaul of Air Pre-Heater –LUVO.
●TPP MORAVA – Svilajnac Serbia (120 MW) Phase II of Revitalization of Membrane Parts of the Boiler OP 380b – 2016.
-Replacement of the Boiler Combustion Chamber with Membrane.
●TPP WEISWEILER (RWE) – Replacement of Membrane Wall & Super Heater SH at Block G (600 MW) – 2012.
·Revision and repair work on the boiler Pressure Parts at Blocks E & F (by 300 MW) & Block H (600 MW) – 2014.
·Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part Block E & F (by 300 MW) – 2014. Block G & F (by 600 & 300 MW) – 2016.
·Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Part Block G (600 MW) – 2019. Revision & Repair works of Boiler Pressure Parts Block H – 2021.
●Project PTOLEMAIS V Workshop hall of Doosen Babsosk Energy, Prefabrication of Boiler Pressure Parts 2016.-2017.
●Mine & TPP UGLJEVIK (279 MW) Republika Srpska, BiH, Replacement of Pipes on the Boiler Ceiling including Super Heater – 2017.
●KW RÜDERSDORF (Vattenfall Europe) New Energy Eco Power GmbH, Germany – 2017.
·Revision and Repair work at the Pressure Vessel.
●TPP BOXBERG (LEAG) Weißwasser – Saxony, Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts Unit R (675 MW) – 2017.
·Rehabilitation of the Super Heater SH-1 and SH-3, at Unit R.
●EFT – Mine & TPP STANARI (300 MW), Republika Srpska, BiH Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts 2017. & 2018.
·Replacement of damaged Evaporator, Reheater RH & Super Heater SH.
●TPP WEDEL (Vattenfall) Hamburg, Revision and Repair work after modernization at Boilers 1 & 2 (by 200 MW) – 2018.  
●HERNE (STEAG) North Rhine-Westphalia (6 combined – cycle CCPP) capacity of 600 MW and a steam output of 400 MW.
·Revision and Repair work on the Boiler Block 4 – 2018.
·Pipeline installation within the modernization project (overall fuel efficiency of more than 85%) 2020.-2021.
●Stuttgart-MÜNSTER Heating Plant Revision work at Boiler Pressure Parts Boiler 22 – 2018.
●TPP MORBURG (Vattenfall) Hamburg Overhaul of Boiler Pressure Parts, Blocks A & B (by 800 MW) – 2018.
The PP is expected to be Shut Down as early as 2021. In the future to generate hydrogen on the basis of renewable energies.
●TPP HERMANN WENZEL (320 MW) ThyssenKrupp AG Duisburg – Rehabilitation works at Block 4 – 2019.
●KOLUBARA Mining Basin – RB Kolubara – Rehabilitation of Pressure Vessels – Autoclaves and water bottles 2019.-2020
·Reconstruction of the Pressure Vessels incl. Techn. Documentation Supply & Replacement of – Autoclaves in the Dryer Plant.
·Lower Segment – Dome of Autoclave Ø3100 /Ø3012 mm, length 2362mm and thickness 30 mm, Material 18MnMo4-5 N+T.
·Middle Segment Ø31012 / Ø2916 mm, length 2619mm and thickness 30 mm.
·Flange Bottom Ring Ø1700 / Ø1250×205 mm with Spring supports – Vicoda.
·The Deadline for completion of reconstruction on all 16 Autoclaves was 2 years from the date of entry.  
●VEO EISENHITTENSTADT Installation of Pipelines & Steel Structures at the New Plant for product. of electricity & heating – 2020.
●WÜRZBURG Heating Plant Installation of pipelines and steel structures within the modernization of the Plant – 2020.
●TPP WESSELING – Berzdorf Works on revision and rehabilitation of Boiler Pressure Parts Unit 1 & 2 2020-2021.
●LINDE ENGINEERING SCHALCHEN Plant Manufactures components and complete modules for process plants – 2021.
●TPP PTOLEMAIS – Unit V (660 MW) – Assembly and Welding Works, at the Pressure Parts 2019.-2020.
Dimension – Diameter, Thickness & Material of Welds Connection Tubes:
ECO-1 Outlet 44.5 x8.8 mm 16Mo3
SH-1 Inlet 38.0 x8.0 mm & EVAP. Outlet LSW 42.4 x8.8 mm, 13CrMo4-5
SH-2 Inlet 44.5 x6.3 mm …… X10CrMoVNb9-1 (P91) – X10CrNiCuNb18-9-3 (SUPER 304H)
RH-1 Outlet 48.3 x5.08 mm …X12CrCoWMoVNb12-2-2 – X10CrMoVNb9-1 (VM 12 -P91)
SH-2 Outlet 44.5 x7.1 mm …..X10CrNiCuNb18-9-3 – NiCr23Co12Mo (SUPER 304H -Alloy 617)
SH-3 Inlet 42.4 x7.1 mm …….X10CrWMoVNb9-2 (P92)
●TPP ŠOŠTANJ Block 6 (600 MW) Slovenia Supply & Services for the Overhaul of Boiler Tube Lines of Unit 6 – 2021.
·Package 1: Lubeco (ECO) Manufacture & Replacement (98.8 t) Pipes Ø38×3,6; P235 GH & Supporting Pipes Ø48,3×6,3; 16Mo3
·Package 2: Manufacture & partial Tube Replacement on Reheater RH-1 (60.4 t) Pipe RH-1 Ø44.5×4.0 mm, 16m x 800 pcs, total 13000m – X10CrMoVNb 91 (Wr.No.1.4903) P91 & Armors of Pipes Ø60.3 x 6 x 200mm X10CrAlSi7
·Package 3: Disassembly and Assembly works on the modification of the existing System for Steam Supply to the Blowers Ø114.3 x 10 mm
Material of Pipes 1.0038/S235JR, 1.5415/16Mo3, 1.7335/13CrMo4-5, 1.7380/10CrMo9-10, 1.4903/X10CrMoVNb9-1.
·Works on Evaporator – Replacement from +72,6 m to +112.9 m with outlet Headers, Buckstays.
Estimated weight of equipment is ≈300t of Evaporator Panels with outlet Headers and ≈450t of Steel Structure.
Butt welded joints of Evaporator panels 38x5mm & 33.7×4.5mm, Material 13CrMo4-5 ~4800 welded joints.
Longitudinal welded joints of membranes on Evaporator Panels (V 6mm) ~1140m, including Replacement of the SH-2 and Steam & Water Soot Blowers, in goal increase of Block Power from 620 MW to 665 MW.
·Overhaul and Maintenance of Boiler Pressure Part since 2012. to 2020.
·Prefabrication and Supply for Capital Overhaul – Prefabrication parts of Straight Pipes and Headers RA Steam Line (220 t) – 2020.
·Prefabrication of Super Heater SH-2, with suspension pipes (210 t), Connecting Pipeline RH-1 RH-2 & RH-2 RH-3 (50 t) 2020-2021

Replacement of Evaporator Tubes from elevation +6.17m to +72.5m, dim. 14m x 2.9m and with unit weight 4t, total weight 770t Material of Evaporator and Collector Pipe elements:13CrMo4-4; 13CrMo4-5, Total frame weight of Steel Structure with auxiliary Eq.160 t Connecting (downhole) pipes in the Trichter area Ø88,9x10mm /16M, 130 welded joints, total weight: ≈32 t.

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